Woordenloze Woensdag (75)

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The mission of designers: is to make obsolete the smart things they did last year by doing smarter things this year. It’s a heavy task, and designers are busy folks, sailing away on flights of fancy, pooh-poohing taboos, reviving old lunacies, restyling the classics, inventing new heresies, scandalising the elders. Because designers lead lives so full and fervent, they can’t be stopping every little while to toot their horns. [Oswald Bruce Cooper]

Restlessness is what makes graphic designers artists. Most designers who paint, sculpt, film, etc. are simply finding other outlets for their talents. When you have talent you want to exploit it. When you are talentless you go fishing! [Steve Heller]

Design is not an interpretation with your brain on how to use it, but a challenge to your emotions on how to love it. [Borek Sipek]

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