The Hand by Jiří Trnka

Jiri Trnka (1912 – 1969) was indisputably one of Earth’s greatest animated filmmakers. From Austria-Hungary / Czech Republic, Trnka was an artist of many talents – including painting and children’s book illustration, but was most well known for his puppet animation films.

Ruka (aka The Hand) (1965) is the last film he made before his death in 1969 and reflects Trnka’s own struggle to create art under a totalitarian regime. Sadly, it was banned by the regime he worked under after his death. However, it is currently available for purchase in the U.S. as part of this DVD compilation. We hope you seek it out, and we hope more of his work becomes available to view in theaters and home.

It is mysterious to us why Trnka is not appreciated as much as he deserves and why it is so difficult to see his films, while less deserving work gets greater attention. So we ask the citizens of Earth to please re-consider this great artist’s contributions.

*NOTE* This is fairly long (17 Earth minutes), so it may take time to load. Please be patient – if you pause it, it will continue to load, and you can play it after it’s had time to get further along.

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